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December 10, 2013



it's so true, barbara! it's as sweet as it gets! love you back!!!

Barbara Shallue

I know it's not how you expected to be spending your days at this age, but I also know you cherish the time you spend with her. Love you!


thank you,sweetie! i appreciate your loving kindness and encouragement! always! love you!!!


I know just a small piece of what you are going thru as we had my youngest granddaughter for about 4 months...and I thought that it could go longer. Thankfully the Lord intervened and she is back where she belongs. There were times that I thought.....I CAN'T DO THIS! I'M TOO OLD, I'VE ALREADY DONE THIS, THIS ISN'T FAIR!!!!! But we got in our routine and things took care of themselves.....Plus, I had a sitter once a week during the evenings so Keith and I could go out and get an adult dinner and spend some time together. That helped! I've told you before and I'll say it again...I know it's hard...But like in my case where God intervened...HE has done that here too and Laynee is right where she needs to be...for now! May God continue to give you all the things you need to get thru this Journey...Love, Patience, work that fills you up and gives back to you financially and may you know everynight when you (finally) lay your head on your pillow....that YOU ARE BLESSED!!! I love you sweet friend and I so admire you! XOXO

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