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July 13, 2011


Darius Cartmell

Indeed, there's no place that's worth remembering more than the spot where one spent their childhood. I get that same feeling every time I visit my hometown. Anyway, I wish I can go to Galveston so that I can view the real beauty of the sunrise across its shore.

Janet Nuckolls

I took my three young daughters to Galveston years ago. I think their daddy's love of Glen Campbell's music prompted that decision in one part, the other was I wanted to show them a coastline of water more powerful than a Kansas' lake! It was an awesome trip in many ways. Thanks for sharing your photos.


Hey Texas girl, Aunt Myrtle sounds like an artsy type. Not all of them express in art tho'. I've been on the beaches of Galveston. We traveled Texas a lot when we lived in Oklahoma, before going to Ukraine. Maybe we'll retire there someday. Trying to follow you Annie, but Typepad doesn't make it easy. Am I just missing it. Hope you'll follow on mine too: www.vintageterrace2.blogspot.com

Coleen in Ukraine


I would love to read that book about Aunt Myrtle, but I'm very grateful for these gorgeous photos right now. You know how much I love G-Town, too! Thanks for sharing these!!

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