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August 21, 2007


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Dear Annie, what. an. amazing. group. of women!! It looks like a heavenly time ~ such beauty is everywhere you look. Thank you so much for posting so many photos ~ we can enjoy your lovely party through you! xxoo, Dawn


Truly you captured the spirit of the days in your beutiful photos! I finally got my camera back, so now I need to compose a 'party post' too!!! I am so thrilled to have met you and hope that we cross paths again soon!!! Hugs from California!


Not quite sure where you went & what the celebration was, but-----I know by looking at the photos, that it's a place I would loved to have been! Such fun, and all the little touches of "stuff" everywhere, looks like a time to cherish & remember, and I know you will!


Oh Annie... these pictures are wonder-filled! Every one a page into such an incredible time! and meeting you in person... and discovering how to "hootchie up" and "flip a house", what a joy... please say hello to Dan!


Sweet Annie!
Your photos are divine and your posts captured the feelings and kinship splendidly... We shall continue, my friend!!! xoxo n


hello- its nice to meet you my darling girl- i love these's photo's i thought id been invited to a romantic wedding- singing and dancing love jo anderson

tongue in cheek

Oh You!! Thank you for coming to California, for your empowering friendship, for your glorious personality...we cannot stop talking about YOU! Mary and her daughters want to adopt you (and Nicol, Lea and Ulla,) as their daughters.
Thank you for sharing the beauty of Mary and Shelley's life.
You are loved.

tracie Huskamp

What a GRAND PARTY INDEED!!!! I am sure all the fairies... came to watch!


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