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August 28, 2007



THANK YOU Annie... simply THANK YOU !!!
You can't imagine how much I would have loved to be there with you !
I've heard so much of Shelley through Corey !!! This a wonderful post !!!


Thank you so much for the wonderful post. You said so many lovely things about me and my family. Something special happend that day thats very hard to describe i've tried, but know one seems to understand what i'm trying to say. To bad for them hahaha. Eric loved your accent thats all he talked about how sweet you were and your southern draw. I loved it to. Thank you for being part of that day.

Tongue in Cheek

Annie what a beautiful post. heartfelt and giving. Shelley, Eric and her family are such cornerstones of courage and love.

Pinkie Denise

Oh dear Annie, you have such a way with words and am sure that the touching tribute you wrote to Shelly not only reached out to her family but to all who hear and see. The love and kindness in your sweet written words and pictures speak huge volumes. I feel so bless to have been able to meet you and your precious gift given so freely.


thank you for such a beautiful and deeply heartfelt sharing of your afternoon with Shelley and her growing family...

xox - eb.


I am so touched by what I have read about Shelley...she is truly loved.


Dear Annie
How lovely you have captured the special time spent with Shelley...Your words are truly beautiful! xoxo N


'Tis true dear Annie... our cups runneth over having met Shelley and family in person and in these words and images that give us such a gift and change our lives forever more... much love to you, and to you Shelley!


Annie, Shelley touched us all in ways we can only guess at... Your post is a loving and true blessing to dearest Shelley and her 'family' of many! Hugs to you and Shelley!


I pinch myself sometimes, Annie, and wonder how I got so lucky to be drawn into such a brilliant light as Shelley's. We were all so blessed on those days.

Sharon at Norah'S

So beautifully said. Thank you for sharing this is your gentle way.

ro bruhn

What gorgeous still life images at every turn and beautiful words too Annie


What a sensational and sensitive post, spoken straight from the heart - my kinda thing - it was so refreshing to read such a post, it was certainly inspiring. Thank you for your insights and the tenderness with which you spoke ought to be a shining example to many folk. Thanks

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