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January 26, 2007



what a beautiful Shop you had! I feel like you are talking about My life right now!
I am sure whatever adventure you take you will do an amazing job at it, your pictures are lovely!


What a magical space and amazing experience. Your building had a wonderful sense of theatrics about it. I love all of the salvaged materials... swooning here!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp

ANNIE... OH MY... HOW WONDERFUL.. your Beautiful Shop.. I See SO MUCH of you in all those pictures.

FUNNY... everything you talk about I hear almost the same words from my brother-in-law ( the store owner of Willowbrook in Atchison on 8th street)

It is HARD very VERY HARD to wear all those hats......

You know... although it was difficult to give up the business.. and you worry that you want your life to have an impact... BUT YOU don't even realized that your life ALREADY HAS had a GREAT impact on so many.

I consider myself LUCKY to call you Friend!!!! and am better for having you as part of my life!


tongue in cheek

Wow, what an amazing shop! An d incredible hat collector you are! How did you manage it all! I understand the desire to be creative and giving, maybe you could do your shop but smaller scale and with only one or two hats?


lord, annie, i didn't know this part of you!!! how wonderful! sigh. and how taxing (in the wearing out sense, AND the money sense). you know, funny thing - in a lot of my artwork, i have used the name mabel - now we have that in common as well. it is such a wonderfully old fashioned name.
sending love to you on this cold sunday morning - xoxo

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